Laser Inch Loss

Our cutting-edge laser weight loss treatments include
SmartLipo, Zerona Laser, and BodyFX


Body Wraps

Find the right body wrap for you

  • M’Lis Wrap

  • Fit Infrared Wrap
  • Sweat Dome

B12 & LipoMAX B12

Amino acids do more than just restore health and help you get that nutrition-fix you’re needing. Certain amino acid compounds have been proven to be effective for stimulating the body to get all the weight loss hormones and processes working in the most efficient and fastest speeds possible.

Some amino acids are more effective than others. They’re considered lipotropic amino acids and are the authority of their world. They trigger hormones to regulate metabolic processes so that fat stores are being removed from their cozy corners to be transported to the furnace to be burned up and used for energy. While amino acids are present, nothing goes to waste and everyone is working at top speed to get the job done. The liver gets cleansed of any fat and bile from being stored there, and muscle tissue gets given V.I.P. status as amino acids ensure that its being protected and repaired as it experiences stress.

You have a lot going on at the same time: energy levels increasing, fat being burned, new muscle growth, and muscle tissue protection and reparation which all results in weight loss and a toned, lean body. Additionally, proteins are being utilized more efficiently. Oxidation levels are improving and it makes it easier for you to endure those high-intensity workouts as your performance levels are invigorated. Using amino acids supplements for weight loss can be the best thing you’ve ever given to your body.